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Interview with Mike Blackwell, Mining Exploration Manager- Part 2

  In Part 1 of Cowan’s 4 Part series with Mike Blackwell, Mining Exploration Manager for First Quantum Minerals, professionals in the mining sector were given a rare peek at key hiring decision-making processes. In Part 2 of our chat with Mike he talks about the role of women in mining, what stands out as…

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Interview With Mike Blackwell, Mine Exploration Manager- Part 1

// Cowan  interviewed Mike Blackwell, Exploration Manager for First Quantum Minerals -Mauritanian Copper Mines to give Cowan’s audience of mining professionals an inside perspective on hiring practices, how to make your resume stand out, and interesting- often unspoken- aspects of expatriate life working on remote mine sites in Africa and beyond. In Part 1 of…

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15 Mining Resume Pitfalls to Avoid

As an international mining recruitment agency, Cowan recruiters look at hundreds of resumes on a weekly basis, from all backgrounds, experience and career levels.  Trying to make sense of miscellaneous information and formatting is one of the greatest challenges recruiters face when screening resumes. The best advice Cowan recruiters can give mining professionals comes down…

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