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Australian Carbon Tax- The Great Mining Debate.

The massive brouhaha over the Carbon Tax proposed by Australia’s current Prime Minister Julia Gillard (who said before her election that there will be no Carbon tax under her government) causes speculation- will the imposition of a Carbon Tax to control carbon emissions harm or favor the industry, jobs and households? Though the pro-parties’ argument…

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Avion Gold’s Tabakoto Project: Home to One of Africa’s Hidden Wonders

On a recent visit to Avion Gold’s Tabakoto Project in Mali, Frank Principe of Cowan was stunned to discovered one of Africa’s hidden wonders. Native Drissa Konate transformed the Tamico bar on site using his artistic talent and passion to spice things up. The walls come alive under Konate’s brush. Konate (seen below) even pays…

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Cowan on the Ground in Africa- Mine site visits

BY FRANK PRINCIPE Going to the expense and trouble of knowing our client needs has been one of Cowan’s greatest differentiators for at least 15 years. Being up close and personal with the client puts Cowan in a position to give first hand accounts of the client site to prospective candidates. I took the time…

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