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Huge demand in Mine Engineering Jobs

Mining is a global industry driven by consumer consumption. With the ever increasing demand of world consumers for minerals which are basic necessity raw materials in our daily lives, and are critical for economic, social and technological development, more engineers are needed to apply their expertise in the field of mine management and operations around…

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Exploring the Potential for Fully Automated Mines

While the mining industry continues to face many competitive challenges including a global shortage of a qualified talent pool, industrial technology is ever evolving, looking for ways to consolidate operations, enhance performance, and cut operational costs. With the introduction of fully automated equipment designed to help mining companies advance overall mine performance, enhance safety and…

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Underwater Mining- Extracting Minerals From the Ocean Floor

The Mining Industry has always been a good indicator of economic activity, with the aggressive development of Asia specifically China and India, the world-wide need for energy and mineral resources necessary for economic growth has rapidly increased and the growing demand is encouraging prices to continue to rocket. As land-based resources become gradually insufficient, mining…

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Cowan Australia announces winner of the iPad2 contest at ADU 2011!

  Cowan Australia recently attended the Africa Down Under Conference in Perth with great success. Several delegates and mining executives stopped by the Cowan booth, helping to spread the Cowan brand to a wider audience. Cowan’s first ever iPad2 draw peaked interest amongst the attendees with Jeanette Dekens from Purple Media as the lucky winner! …

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