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Mining Job Interview Questions- 5 Tips That Will Get You the Job

A job interview is the gateway for mining professionals to progress in their desired career. How you answer interview questions could make or break your chances of landing a job in the mining industry. Professional recruiters, like Cowan International, prepare questions that will help gage your qualities as compared to another candidate. For this reason…

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What You Need to Know to Find Mining Jobs Overseas

To the experienced expat mining professional, living and working in mines abroad suggests images of excitement.  But working in international mining operations isn’t for the faint of heart. If facing challenges fuels you and boosts your confidence read on. Depending on your qualifications, experience and interest as well as your personality and how well you…

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Mining Jobs in Latin America- Attracting Global Mining Talent

A vibrant mining zone can be a significant contributor to the prosperity of a country and global economy, although it’s a challenging undertaking for the mining industry to effectively harmonize with equally hefty political, social and environmental considerations. Latin America has an exceptional mining potential from a diverse pool of geological environments with a wide…

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