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What’s Your FIFO Status? Mining Companies Need Experienced Expats

Mining projects in countries where experienced skilled workers and mining professionals are hard to find necessitate relocation of expat mining workers. Experienced expats who work in the mining industry living abroad are very attractive candidates to mining companies, particularly companies with projects in remote locations.  Candidates willing to live on site for extended periods of…

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Mining Industry is Booming, but Where Have all the Geologists Gone?

The global mining industry is booming but the question is how can the boom be sustained in the face of current talent deficits.  Take for example the mounting shortage of Geologists which could potentially hamper the industry’s sustainability, stopping projects dead in their tracks. Where are all the Geology students? Skilled geologists are hard to…

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Mining Industry Faces Strict Standards in the Global Marketplace

Mining may not sound glamorous to most people, but the reality is our lives would be far less glamorous without the mining industry. Almost everything you touch on a daily basis is a byproduct of minerals extracted from the earth’s core by hardworking people in the mining industry. Without tapping into the earth’s resources, society…

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Find Jobs in Mining by Networking with Recruiters

Networking expert Kathy McAfee defines networking as the art of building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships before you need them so that they are in place when you need them. Simplified, networking is nothing more than word of mouth and getting to know people. Although this may seem intimidating at first, in today’s job search…

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