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Overseas Mining Jobs : Advice for Skilled Workers in the Eurozone

We recently considered the attention skilled workers in the Eurozone are getting from countries like Canada. Canada and several other countries have put immigration initiatives in place to encourage employers to look to Europe’s troubled economy as an opportunity to attract talent as part of an overall solution to the skills shortage in the global…

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The Eurozone Crisis-Attracting Migrant Workers To Global Mining Jobs

As the global mining industry expands employers are seeking new and innovative ways to fill their mining vacancies. While one suggested solution is the education of indigenous workers, global mining recruiters and companies alike are looking further afield to a potential solution on the not-too-distant horizon – Europe. The Eurozone Crisis The Eurozone is in crisis….

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Escalating Mining Salaries Open Up New Labor Markets

The much discussed skills gap in the global mining industry is arguably already with us. A quick glance at any mining recruitment agency jobs page reveals numerous global mining jobs available at all levels, from geologists to finance managers, mine operations managers to chief operating officers. There’s no doubt that the mining industry is an increasingly…

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Mining Recruitment : Should You Accept a Counter Offer?

With the talent gap in the global mining industry threatening to become more of a yawning chasm, competition among global mining companies for top performing candidates in all disciplines is intensifying. If you’ve recently accepted a mining job that ticks all of your boxes only to be faced with a counter offer from a direct…

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How to Make Your Mining Resume Stand Out From the Crowd

In today’s competitive market place the biggest hurdle facing job seekers is ensuring their application attracts the attention of a recruiter. Maybe you’ve seen the perfect job advertised on a recruiter’s website or perhaps you are aware that the time for a move is on the horizon. The question is, where do you start? What…

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