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New Industry Association Aims to Clean Up the Global Mining Industry

The long-term impact of the mining industry on the environment is of significant global concern and that concern is growing.  A recently launched non-profit industry association aims to change all of that. Vancouver based organization The Clean Mining Alliance showcases new and emerging technologies aimed at making mining safer, cleaner and less expensive. Cowan International recently…

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Cowan International South Africa Supports Charitable Causes

Cowan International has long been a supporter of worthy causes within the countries it’s based and takes its corporate responsibility very seriously.  The South African office is no exception. Having made the decision to alternate between causes within and outside of South Africa on a quarterly basis, Cowan’s South African office announced their recent involvement with…

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Global Mining- Reducing Mining’s Environmental Impact

The global effects of mining on the environment are widespread and have long been well documented from deforestation and loss of biodiversity to extensive land and water pollution. Mining companies are under increasing pressure to take action to protect the environment yet the demand for minerals remains high, especially from within the emerging economies. What…

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Global Mining Jobs : Mining Engineers and Geologists in Short Supply

The skills shortage in the mining industry continues to be a hot topic for discussion The dearth of qualified candidates is affecting all jobs in mining but certain areas seem particularly vulnerable to the lack of skilled workers. In March 2012, the Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal discussed the now acute shortage affecting the mining industry…

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ASEAN Economy : Thailand’s Role in Growth in Oil and Gas Jobs

We previously considered the growth in the ASEAN market and its impact on oil, gas and mining jobs. Thailand was specifically highlighted in a global oil and gas survey as being a country with high growth potential in the region. It was also reported in February of this year that Thailand in particular would benefit from…

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Growth in ASEAN Economy Impacts Oil, Gas and Mining Jobs

A recent global oil and gas survey for 2012-2013 carried out by Industry Review revealed increased optimism for revenue growth across the oil and gas industry in the next 12 months. A key factor for this optimism was the anticipated sharp growth in markets across South East Asian, known as ASEAN. ASEAN Economy In 2015…

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