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Global Mining Industry Responds to Water Management Pressure

The global mining industry is facing renewed pressure over its approach to water management.  Water is the most important resource for both exploration and operational sites. According to a report in the Canadian Mining Journal it’s estimated that the current cost of mine water treatment technologies is estimated at around $1 billion each year, with…

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Oil and Gas Jobs : Attracting Migrant Workers to Alberta

The current oil boom in Calgary is bringing unprecedented growth to the Canadian province of Alberta and with it a whole new skills shortage. As recently as May, the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada warned that Canada’s oil and gas industry needs to fill a minimum of 9,500 jobs by 2015. The report quotes…

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Expat Mining Jobs: Improvements to FIFO Status

Our recent candid interview with mining professional Dave Dyet highlighted the pros and cons of life as an expat, particularly in respect of the effect on family life and relationships. To ensure staff retention mining companies are now investigating ways in which they can improve the work/life balance of expat workers. What is a FIFO…

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Global Mining Jobs Safety- Is Mechanised Mining the Answer?

Continual efforts are being made to improve safety in the global mining industry and South Africa is at the forefront of one particular methodology – mechanised mining. Mechanised mining offers improved safety for all mining employees. This is particularly relevant for mine managers who are responsible for the overall operation of the mine. The Centre…

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Expat Mining Jobs: What’s Life As An Expat Really Like?

  Mining professional Dave Dyet worked in expat mining jobs for 18 years over the course of his career. We caught up with him to get the low down on what life as an expat is really like. Q. How did you become an expat? I’ve always been interested in mining and geology. Back in 1991…

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Mining Exploration in Canada: Should Aboriginal Communities be Consulted?

The mining industry is booming in Canada. Recent reports reveal a record $12.5 billion investment in the sector for 2011, representing a 24.5% increase on the previous year.  The forecast for 2012 is expected to rise to nearly $16 billion. The effect on Canadian mining jobs will be significant particularly for  mining construction jobs with…

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Global Expat Mining Jobs: Checklist for Success

The world of expat mining jobs comes with a checklist of considerations to research or seek advice on before accepting a job offer. In addition to the normal considerations of salary, position, hours worked and healthcare, additional areas include:- Accommodation : Whether single or shared, a house, an apartment or on a compound. Who is…

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Global Mining: Do Share Options Plans Make a Job More Attractive?

With the skills shortage facing global mining companies, Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs) can offer a way of improving employee prospects in two ways: They allow distribution of wealth to employees throughout the company, from mine managers to exploration managers. They permit global mining companies additional ways of retaining key staff. The Benefits Of ESOPs  An ESOP is essentially a…

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Mining Construction Jobs: Is Job Security Too Much To Ask?

The debate over the skills shortage in the global mining industry continues apace. Recent reports have suggested that long-term job security for workers across the board, including those in mining construction jobs isn’t necessarily what it used to be. Deloitte Access Economics recently forecast that the boom in the Australian mining industry in particular was heading…

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Mining Professionals: 7 Ideas For a One-Day Layover in Olympic London

Due to the global nature of the mining industry many professionals can find themselves spending extensive time traveling at some point during their career. Mining construction jobs often involve brief layovers in various cities around the world. If you find yourself in London during the Olympic Games, here are some ideas to make the best of your…

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