The world of expat mining jobs comes with a checklist of considerations to research or seek advice on before accepting a job offer.

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In addition to the normal considerations of salary, position, hours worked and healthcare, additional areas include:-

  • Accommodation : Whether single or shared, a house, an apartment or on a compound. Who is paying the deposit and how long is the lease for if it is rented accommodation? Who will cover the costs of any furniture?
  • Transport : Is it chauffeur driven, a pool vehicle, four wheel drive or simply a travel allowance?
  • Marital/FamilyStatus : Is the country in question suitable for your spouse and family to live, even in the short-term?
  • Healthcare : Does it cover all of your family? What happens if you have to fly home for treatment?

With the seemingly fluid political climate and social environments in some emerging nations where mining companies are based, it’s important for all mining professionals considering expat mining jobs to carry out relevant research. A specialized mining recruitment agency will have past experience of advising candidates considering a move.

For instance, specific regional research might include:

Venezuela : In September last year, Venezuela passed a law nationalising all gold mining activity in the country which had a subsequent impact on expat mining jobs.

Papua New Guinea : Papua New Guinea as a whole is an attractive location for mining companies, despite certain areas being difficult to operate in. Working with a mining recruitment agency who understands the region and has a history of making placements in a given location is best practice when looking for expat mining jobs.

South Africa : Although South Africa may have suffered a sluggish job market in the last years,  positive news is on the horizon. Technological advancements are expected to boost efficiency. This will have a positive impact on expat jobs in mining.

A good starting point for additional research is Behre Dolbear’s Ranking of Mining Countries. Mining countries are ranked against a variety of criteria including competitive taxation.

Issues affect expat mining jobs in every country, not simply those that may find themselves ranked in a low position in the Behre Dolbear Report. Expats working in countries enjoying a mining boom may have to consider the cost of living.

Cost of Living

Australia is the top ranking country in the report in terms of investment potential and the success of the mining industry.  In recent years Australia has attracted high numbers of mining professionals into expat mining jobs. While salaries are high, the cost of living is also rising and should be an element for consideration when selecting your next career move.

Life as an expat in the mining industry offers a varied and exciting career for all mining professionals. If handled properly coupled with appropriate advice from a specialist mining recruiter, it is a long-term and highly lucrative career option for skilled mining professionals.