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Global Mining : Triton Logging Improves Global Environment With Unique Tree Harvesting Technology

Triton Logging, a valued client of Cowan International is dedicated to improving the global environment with its unique tree harvesting technology.  We spoke recently to Peter Keyes, CEO of Triton, to find out more. Q : Tell me more about your company, Triton Logging and the services you offer A : Triton was established 12…

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Mining Jobs : 7 Questions to Ask In An Interview

Interviews can be grueling enough, preparing answers for every possible question that you, as a candidate, might be asked in order to position your self to be on the receiving end of a job offer. One often overlooked aspect of the interview process when seeking a new mining job opportunity is preparing questions for your…

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Mining in Africa : A Focus on Guinea

According to recent projections provided by the World Bank sub-Saharan Africa is expected to play a major role in the expansion of the global mining industry during 2013, with forecast growth at 4.8% for the region. Guinea will play a key part in that growth during 2012 and beyond with a subsequent impact in the mining…

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