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How Mining, Energy & Resource Companies Effectively Manage Safety Abroad

The political upheaval across Mali and North Africa should serve as a reminder of how important it is to be informed and ask good questions of your recruiter when considering energy, resource & mining jobs in third world cultures.  While extreme cases are thankfully rare, all mining employers have a duty of care to their…

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6 Body Language Tips To Ace Your Next Mining Job Interview

Between 60 – 90% of the impressions we send out during job interviews are influenced by body language.  Mining job recruitment, particularly on an international level, differs as most interviews taking place on the phone. But don’t be fooled, body language still matters! Your composure during an interview is just as important on the phone…

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Mining Jobs in Canada : Skilled Migrant Workers In Demand

Deloitte’s fifth annual report on the global mining industry Tracking the Trends 2013 was recently published identifying the top ten trends expected to affect the sector in the next twelve months. While debate has been ongoing over whether or not the mining boom is over, the skills shortage remains one of the top ten concerns for…

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