Mining recruitment has long relied on long-distance interviews.  Where these might have previously be conducted by telephone, they are increasingly being held via video, such as Skype.

video job interviews

While video interviews are not a replacement for meeting candidates face-to-face, they are especially useful where global mining companies like Cowan International rely heavily on expat workers, particularly in remote regions.  In addition, as countries like Canada seek skilled migrants to fill the skills shortfall, a video interview is useful both practically and as an initial assessment tool for potential candidates.

To ensure you perform to the best of your ability during your video interview, you may find the following tips useful

1- Pick the right time

Liaising with hiring managers and recruiters in different time zones is common in the world of mining recruitment. If you are uncertain, websites such as worldtime buddy are ideal.

2-Double check your set up

Check everything from your internet connection to the microphone system. A specially purchased microphone is preferable to the built-in web-cam and microphone that comes with your laptop. Quality is normally better and the sound won’t be distorted.  Always test your connection with a colleague or member of your family prior to your interview so they can give you some honest feedback on lighting, audio, your positioning and what you look like!  

3-Check your background

Ensure your background reflects the professional, polished image you are trying to convey.  If you can’t find a suitable location with a neutral backdrop then at least ensure there is no background clutter.  You don’t want the interviewer to show more interest in what is going on behind you than in the discussion itself. 

4-Keep your resume close to hand 

The advantage with Skype in particular is that you can refer quickly to your resume and share highlights or information online during the interview with screen sharing.  If you have a portfolio you wish to discuss with the hiring manager or mining recruiter it would be useful to have that in an easily retrievable place too. 

5- Image is everything…

You will be on a video screen.  Regardless of the time difference and what the recruiter may be wearing, dress as you would for any formal interview, professionally and preferably in a suit. Wear neutral colours rather than patterns as these may not show up well on a video screen.

6- Be aware of your audience 

Speak loudly, clearly and with confidence. You may be participating in a panel interview, in which case you may not always be able to see all of your interviewers but they can see you.

7- Check your body language

Look at the camera and engage the interview with direct eye contact and positive body language. You may find our article on body language tips during an interview useful prior to your call.

8- Record your call

Various voice recorders are available online.  Recording your conversation will enable you to evaluate your performance after the interview and help you to improve your responses on future occasions. It is likely that your interview will be recorded by the mining employer and you should be advised of this. 

9-Prepare thoroughly

Prepare as you would for any interview.  Research the company and the position you are being interviewed for. Prepare suitable interview questions to ask your mining recruiter at the end of the call and have draft answers prepared for the questions you may face. 

10-Follow up 

Follow-up your video interview as you would a face-to-face interview.  Send an e-mail thanking the hiring manager and expressing your interest in the vacancy. 

In the world of mining recruitment, video interviews are quickly becoming the norm.  While several different options are available for video interviews, Skype is the most popular.  A basic account is free and can be downloaded to your laptop, iPhone, iPad or android.   

What video interview tips can you offer? Have any do’s and dont’s to share? Post them in the comments below.