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Part of being awesome at what we do here at Cowan is staying on top of news (social, political, technological, etc) and what is trending on the world wide web.

Every week we come across content that inspires, shocks, makes us laugh or cry. With so much information coming at us on a daily basis we thought this might be a good way to narrow down the choices and give you some interesting tidbits to talk about.

Tune in weekly to see Cowan staff picks and start sharing!

5 links Cowan staff declares worth sharing!

  1. An anonymous tweeter in San Francisco has been hiding dollar bills around the city and posting pictures of their location to help people find them.
  2. After the passing of Dr. Maya Angelou on Wednesday, Oprah Winfrey released the following statement.
  3. Something for everyone. Take a laugh break as these celebrities read mean tweets written about them on twitter.
  4. Jawbone’s patent would work in tandem with an app on the device, which could make up part of a comprehensive health tracking app or one made specifically for the purpose of body fat percentage measurement.
  5. 4 New Job Seeker Trends. Job seekers may have noticed that job boards and the traditional resume just aren’t cutting it these days.