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Part of being awesome at what we do here at Cowan is staying on top of news (social, political, technological, etc) and what is trending on the world wide web.

Every week we come across content that inspires, shocks, makes us laugh or cry. With so much information coming at us on a daily basis we thought this might be a good way to narrow down the choices and give you some interesting tidbits to talk about.

Tune in weekly to see Cowan staff picks and start sharing!

Cowan staff lists 5 links worth sharing!

  1.  What if you could find your next partner using a picture of your ex? has partnered with  Three Day Rule to offer facial-recognition technology to find dates for users
  2. Apple announced last Monday a new initiative called HomeKit with promises to revolutionize the home and make it significantly smarter
  3. Awesome Ted Talk: Four-star general Stanley McChrystal shares what he learned about leadership over his decades in the military
  4. Parents, groom your girls to grow up to be tennis players! Spotlight on Maria Sharapova, 26 the world’s highest-paid female athlete last year, earning $29 million, of which $23 million came from deals off the court.
  5. Bodybuilder with a big heart, Ned Norton trains more than 120 disabled people every week through his nonprofit, Warriors on Wheels:

Hope you enjoy this week’s picks. Let us know what you’ve spotted around the web! Submit a link in the comments section below.

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