The Cowan team is proud of our ongoing commitment to support global charitable initiatives. While every cause is worthy of praise, once in a while there is a story we just have to share. Luis Juliano is one such story.

Luis Juliano Cueva Alegria lives in Pucallpa, Peru with his family.  We were first introduced to Louis through our good friends at the Pure Art Foundation based in Hudson Quebec. Louis’s academic dream is to become a heavy machinery operator in the mining industry. Unable to support his dream financially, he took a job working full time with the ultimate objective of paying school fees amounting to 2500 soles, ($1000 CND).  Impressively, Louis managed to save 1000 soles over the course of a year before Cowan learned of his goals. Cowan donated the remaining $600 of  Louis’s tuition.

More than mid-way through the program, Luis had to temporarily withdraw from the course because of an increase in the cost of the practical courses (excavation). Although Cowan was not aware of the increase in fees, serendipitously, Louis receive the missing 1100 soles ($425) to complete his practical training with heavy machinery/excavation as a result of money raised by a close relation to Cowan. The $400 he needed was the equivalent of the amount raised for Pure Art by the husband of one of our long standing team members.  It turned out to be the perfect complement to Cowan’s donation.

By March 2015, Louis will be poised to gain employment as a heavy machinery operator!

Cowan, along with all the other sponsors are proud to make a difference in the life of this family and their future generations.

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