As a CEO you painstakingly plan attracting, recruiting and hiring of new employees. You assign a budget to an internal recruitment team or third party service provider to conduct the search and selection process. HR works with department heads to assess needs and write job descriptions. Time and resources allocated to the hiring process quickly add up as you search for the perfect candidate.

And yet, after all that time and money spent to find just the right person to fill the role, the success or attrition of your new hire is riding on one outstanding statistic:

90% of employees make their decision to stay at a company within the first six months- Aberdeen Group.

So why do the majority of companies overlook the importance of having a world-class on-boarding experience when they know it will have a direct impact on retention?

Employee Onboarding Is Not Orientation




But wait! Let’s not confuse on-boarding with orientation. Orientation is the paper work: benefits, payroll, site map, FIFO details, etc. It’s the typecast necessary evil of starting a new job.

Think of on-boarding as the engagement party after accepting the proposal.

When done right, employee onboarding has been proven to  accelerate the time-to-productivity ratio of new hires by offering support in the transition period. It is an introduction to company culture while reinforcing the importance of a person’s role to the success of the organization. It means taking control of first impressions by proactively engaging new employees to secure the new hire and make him/her feel good about the decision to work for you.

Planned Integration Of New Hires




Bottom line, successful on-boarding is the planned integration of new hires into an organization.

Key benefits include:

  • Setting the stage for support, networking, and strategic vision
  • Providing insight into the spoken and unspoken aspects of company culture
  • Creating cultural awareness and the subconscious influence cultural biases have over us
  • The start of connecting to and building relationships within the company
  • Increasing engagement levels of new hires
  • Providing a venue for knowledge transfer
  • Providing early career support
  • Immersion into the vision and strategic direction of a company

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