Congratulations To An Amazing Group




Congratulations to an amazing group of coaches in training who just completed the first leg of their certification journey in Johannesburg, South Africa over the weekend of June 27, 2015!! We enjoyed a wonderful and enlightening weekend with colleagues from across Africa and the world.

The weekend face to face session was ground breaking as Cowan’s first Coach Certification Program to launch in South Africa!

International Coaching Federation




Leni Wildflower of Wildflower consulting led an impressive group of professinals from the mining industry through a 3 day introduction to the foundations of coaching complete with simulations and role play. Wildflower’s Knowledge Based Coaching In The Workplace Program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a globally recognized brand.

Manager As Coach




We believe the difference between a good manager and a remarkable manager is Coaching. Cowan has partnered  with Wildflower Consulting and the ICF to design a Coach Certification program that will transform leadership in mining and across cultures.  Command and Control leadership styles are losing traction in the workplace, especially in Africa where talent development of nationals is a priority.

A coach approach to leading delivers high performance. And performance lays the foundation for development and succession planning within a company!

Call us now to see if you qualify to register for our next Coach Certification session in Montreal, Quebec Aug 7,8,9.