Cowan Coach Certification

Cowan International is celebrating the launch of our second Cowan Coach Certification group which took place August 7,8 & 9 at Chateau Vaudreuil in Quebec. The group, composed of 12 senior level mining professionals gathered for an intensive and enriching introduction to manager as coach led by Leni Wildflower of Wildflower Consulting Inc.

Wildflower’s Knowledge Based Coaching In The Workplace Program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a globally recognized accreditation.

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The weekend was Part 1 of a 6 month program designed to equip seasoned professionals with the skills, language and tools to become talent managers with expertise in creating engagement and getting results that stick in multi-cultural workplaces.

Cowan Coach Certification is revolutionary in the world of coaching! We are bridging culture (individual belief systems) and human development. Cultural perspectives in crucial areas such as communication, thinking, time, power, identity, purpose have a direct impact on performance in the workplace and the potential to develop talent. Cowan is developing a program to give leaders an increased awareness of the impact culture has on talent development.

By embracing cultural diversity and leveraging people’s differences managers who take a coach approach to talent development will close the gap between potential and performance.





The difference between a good manager and a remarkable manager is Coaching. Cowan has partnered  with Wildflower Consulting and the ICF to design a Coach Certification program that will transform leadership in mining and across cultures.  Command and Control leadership styles are losing traction in the workplace, especially in Africa where talent development of nationals is a priority.

Call us now to register for the next Cowan Coach Certification Program beginning January 2015.