Cowan has the Inside Scoop on Expat Mining Jobs in Africa

The mining boom in Africa over the past decade has dramatically increased exploration development all across the continent and international mining companies are keener to invest in the region as infrastructure and stability continue to improve. With the alarming shortage and imbalance in supply and demand of key mining talents, opportunities for expat mining professionals…

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Global Mining Job Opportunities Continue to Exceed the Mining Talent Pool in 2012

Increasing investment in the global mining industry is driving demand for mining professionals and skilled workers.  The current market reality continues to show global mining job opportunities  exceeds the number of qualified mining professionals in all mining disciplines, in every position level. Mining talent shortage is a big business risk A shortage of mining professionals…

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How to Attract Global Mining Recruiters With Your Online Profile

Recruiters specializing in global mining recruitment are quick to turn to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other useful social networks to find top talent for overseas mining projects and to be more visible to mining professionals seeking mining opportunities. Attracting recruiters to your profile when you are searching for your next job opportunity in mining can give…

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What Recruiters and Hiring Managers look for in a Mine Manager

  The development and production phases of a mine operation require not only technical and operational mining expertise but also softer skills to build credibility and important professional relationships. Soft skills are key to success as a Mine Manager Experienced mining professionals such as mining engineers and geological engineers including mining safety engineers are likely…

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Mining Job Interview Questions- 5 Tips That Will Get You the Job

A job interview is the gateway for mining professionals to progress in their desired career. How you answer interview questions could make or break your chances of landing a job in the mining industry. Professional recruiters, like Cowan International, prepare questions that will help gage your qualities as compared to another candidate. For this reason…

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What You Need to Know to Find Mining Jobs Overseas

To the experienced expat mining professional, living and working in mines abroad suggests images of excitement.  But working in international mining operations isn’t for the faint of heart. If facing challenges fuels you and boosts your confidence read on. Depending on your qualifications, experience and interest as well as your personality and how well you…

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Mining Jobs in Latin America- Attracting Global Mining Talent

A vibrant mining zone can be a significant contributor to the prosperity of a country and global economy, although it’s a challenging undertaking for the mining industry to effectively harmonize with equally hefty political, social and environmental considerations. Latin America has an exceptional mining potential from a diverse pool of geological environments with a wide…

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Huge demand in Mine Engineering Jobs

Mining is a global industry driven by consumer consumption. With the ever increasing demand of world consumers for minerals which are basic necessity raw materials in our daily lives, and are critical for economic, social and technological development, more engineers are needed to apply their expertise in the field of mine management and operations around…

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Exploring the Potential for Fully Automated Mines

While the mining industry continues to face many competitive challenges including a global shortage of a qualified talent pool, industrial technology is ever evolving, looking for ways to consolidate operations, enhance performance, and cut operational costs. With the introduction of fully automated equipment designed to help mining companies advance overall mine performance, enhance safety and…

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Underwater Mining- Extracting Minerals From the Ocean Floor

The Mining Industry has always been a good indicator of economic activity, with the aggressive development of Asia specifically China and India, the world-wide need for energy and mineral resources necessary for economic growth has rapidly increased and the growing demand is encouraging prices to continue to rocket. As land-based resources become gradually insufficient, mining…

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