Cowan Australia announces winner of the iPad2 contest at ADU 2011!

  Cowan Australia recently attended the Africa Down Under Conference in Perth with great success. Several delegates and mining executives stopped by the Cowan booth, helping to spread the Cowan brand to a wider audience. Cowan’s first ever iPad2 draw peaked interest amongst the attendees with Jeanette Dekens from Purple Media as the lucky winner! …

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Mining Family Matters features Q & A with Cowan Recruiter Michelle Walsh on Working Overseas

Interview featuring Q & A wtih Michelle Walsh posted on the Mining Family Matters site last week. You’ve been in the mining industry for a few years and think it might be time to spread your wings and gain some overseas experience. What to do next? Well, Cowan International is a Canadian-based firm that’s been…

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11 Tips for Mining Expat Families Living and Working Overseas

Guest Post by Alicia Ranford of Mining Family Matters Hi!  My name is Alicia Ranford and I am the creator of an Australian-based website called Mining Family Matters ( The website was launched early last year to offer free professional services and support to families in mining and resources and we now also publish a…

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“Apply with LinkedIn” Button Now on All Cowan Job Ads

LinkedIn “Apply Button” LinkedIn, in its quest to become the go-to database for recruiters and HR personnel, has introduced the “Apply with LinkedIn” tool in recent weeks. LinkedIn is encouraging companies and job boards to imbed the “Apply with LinkedIn” button onto job ads to make it easier for candidates to apply for jobs using…

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Mining Dominates Top 10 Highest Paid Bachelor Degrees for 2011

Engineers are in high demand as the mining and resources industry booms.  With more jobs than there are candidates, mining professionals and graduates can expect to be well compensated. Graduates are in high demand with companies waiting to train, pay and export them across the globe with little to no experience. As seen in Australia,…

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Facing the Mining Labor Shortage to Fill Global Mining Jobs

Mining activities are necessary for the functioning of the global economy, but with the severe labor shortage faced by the Mining Industry today, mining projects risk being put on hold. Dwindling talent pools in the mining sector has given way to scarcity in human resources, impacted and aggravated by an aging workforce ready for retirement….

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Australian Carbon Tax- The Great Mining Debate.

The massive brouhaha over the Carbon Tax proposed by Australia’s current Prime Minister Julia Gillard (who said before her election that there will be no Carbon tax under her government) causes speculation- will the imposition of a Carbon Tax to control carbon emissions harm or favor the industry, jobs and households? Though the pro-parties’ argument…

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Avion Gold’s Tabakoto Project: Home to One of Africa’s Hidden Wonders

On a recent visit to Avion Gold’s Tabakoto Project in Mali, Frank Principe of Cowan was stunned to discovered one of Africa’s hidden wonders. Native Drissa Konate transformed the Tamico bar on site using his artistic talent and passion to spice things up. The walls come alive under Konate’s brush. Konate (seen below) even pays…

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Cowan on the Ground in Africa- Mine site visits

BY FRANK PRINCIPE Going to the expense and trouble of knowing our client needs has been one of Cowan’s greatest differentiators for at least 15 years. Being up close and personal with the client puts Cowan in a position to give first hand accounts of the client site to prospective candidates. I took the time…

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Jobs in Mining: Education vs Experience

Which is more important when applying for a job in mining: Education or Experience? The mining sector is a dynamic field, offering jobs all over the world ranging from executive management positions to on-site supervisory positions to engineering and basic operations positions. While this makes the mining industry attractive to many, a select few are…

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