Cowan Quick Tips for Job Seekers: Cover Letter or No Cover Letter?

Cover Letter on CV

This week’s quick tip was contributed by Katherine Kuczynski, Cowan’s Marketing Coordinator Do I Need A Cover Letter When Applying For A Job? The age old question. Is it enough to send a recruiter your resume?   A well thought out, well-written cover letter can distinguish you from the crowd of 100’s of other candidates in a recruiter’s…

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Job Seekers: Get Your CV Noticed For All The Right Reasons!

Special Guest Post by: Elisa Edkins Proctor, Cowan’s Client Services Team Leader Thinking about submitting your resume to a recruiter, or applying for a new job directly with the company? Before we go further- let’s try a little role reversal!! If you were a hiring manager or an HR Professional and potentially looking through 50…

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Jobs Seekers: Is Big Data The Reason You Didn’t Get That Job?

Big Data

Human resources is the nucleus of a company, and data-driven decision making is the new messiah. No one can afford a bad hire. Every decision in a company from purchasing office supplies to signing off on a merger is made by an employee. People are the building blocks of all organizations and big data is…

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Cowan South Africa will be at Mining Indaba Feb 3-6


Meet with Cowan delegates at Mining Indaba in Cape Town, SA Feb 3-6. Cowan has been attending Mining Indaba for the last 10 years. We are always proud to be among this most internationally diversified and influential gathering of professionals in African Mining. Call Cowan South Africa today to book an onsite meeting with one…

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5 Secrets to Attracting and Retaining Top Performers in 2014

Technology continues to make the world a smaller place which means HR leaders and talent acquisition professionals will need to adapt and innovate to attract top talent in 2014. Employee Value Proposition (EVP) will matter more than ever. Attracting talent to your organization is not the biggest hurdle HR will face- keeping your employees interested…

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5 Reasons Why Performance Management Doesn’t Work

What is Performance Management, why is it essential and more importantly why does it fail? Performance Management (PM) is the continuous process of setting and aligning objectives that facilitate the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals.  A key part of this process is assessing progress and providing on-going coaching and feedback to ensure employees…

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Professional Development: Making Companies More Profitable

  Everyone should take ownership of their professional development, but the best employers make it a part of their corporate culture. When companies take professional development seriously and invest in professional growth it leads to increased levels of personal satisfaction and employee engagement as well as an increase in profit and shareholder value; a win-win…

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Change Management : 4 Key Elements Of Organizational Change

In Brene Brown’s words, “vulnerability is the birthplace of change”.  Change requires management because of the uncertainty it inherently brings into an organization. From mergers and acquisitions to downsizing, for transformation to be successful the leadership in the company needs to have a plan and layout all the cards: vision, mission, strategy and values. When…

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Quebec Mining Exploration Convention, Nov 11-14!

Cowan will be onsite at this year’s Quebec Mining Exploration Convention.  Don’t delay, call us to book a time to meet today. With over 200 exhibitors and 1500 delegates we expect a high energy conference and look forward to expanding our network and catching up with old friends. This year the convention will host two…

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Talent Management : How Much Are Vacant Positions Costing You?

Talent management is the single hardest task in organizational life. If you are responsible for recruitment, performance management, or retention you should know the answers to some key questions: What are your talent needs? What is a vacant position costing? What is an underused worker costing you? Where do your best employees come from? What…

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