Canada Oil and Gas Jobs: How To Attract Generation Y

A few weeks ago,  Cowan took a look at global workforce trends. This week, we’re taking a look  at the talent crisis impacting the oil and gas industry as a result of the industry’s difficulty in attracting young talent. Canada’s oil and gas sector is expected to create over 16,000 new jobs within the next ten…

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Employee Retention: On-boarding Is Crucial To The Success Of New Hires

When you need to fill a position, the first step is always attracting top talent, but what do you do to ensure new hires stay?  This week we focus on integrating new hires into your existing company culture.  Losing a new hire in the onboarding phase is expensive for all facets of your organization. Having…

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A Changing Global Workforce: What Does It Take To Attract Top Talent?

“Do I want to work for this company?”.  It’s a question every job seeker asks themselves when they walk into an interview or fill out an job application. Cowan connects people with companies everyday. We know how important company culture fit is to a person’s career. Workforce Trends It’s no longer just about dollars and cents….

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Renewable Resources: Wind Energy In Canada

At Cowan, we understand the importance of staying on top of industry related news. With ongoing development and investment in renewable energy resources, we’re paying attention. With changes in turbine design and technology, wind energy is expected to become a major player in efficient energy output. In fact, industry researchers indicate that by 2025, wind…

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Goleman’s 6 Leadership Styles : What kind of leader Are You?

Leadership: The Foundation for Organizational Success Often, good management is confused with strong leadership. Leadership is considered pertinent to the success and outcome of any given project or mandate. Without leadership, organizational goals are jeopardized. Cowan works with organizations to attract, develop and retain top leadership talent. So, what is the difference between a manager and…

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Mining The Labrador Trough: Iron Ore Exploration and Development

We took some time to speak with one of our clients, a specialist in iron ore exploration and development to discuss the industry as whole, some of the challenges, and what we can expect from Canada’s North-East.  Overview According to  the most recent U.S. Geological Survey data,  Canada is among the top 10 producers in…

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Job Interviews : 8 Ways To Beat Out The Competition

Making an impression in an interview can be a nerve wracking challenge for some professionals. While there are skills shortages affecting skilled technicians like Drill Operators in Oil and Gas, you always want to approach an interview ready to impress. Follow these guidelines to blow your competition out of the water: 1. Research The Company…

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Oil and Gas: Where Are the Jobs In Canada’s Booming Industry?

While the Canadian oil and gas industry is predominantly focused on the oil sands of Alberta, twelve out of Canada’s thirteen provinces now have an active oil and gas industry. Alberta As the major producer of oil and gas, Alberta is responsible for the majority of oil and gas jobs in Canada. The province directly…

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Cowan in Latin America : A Focus on Chile

Cowan recently opened its first Latin American office in Santiago, Chile. Chile is the fifth largest economy in South America and the biggest producer of copper in the world.  With a positive business environment and a stable economy, Chile contributes significantly to the global mining industry. Copper mining in Chile represents 20% of its GDP and 60%…

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Global Mining: World’s Top 10 Largest Gold Mines

Gold mining represents a significant part of the global mining industry.  It is mined in approximately 90 different countries around the world and it is estimated that around 250,000 mining professionals are directly employed in the sector. Despite reports of a recent slump in gold prices it remains one of the world’s most valuable and sought…

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