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A Coach Approach to Building Leadership Across Cultures

Coaching and Mentoring

Next Coach Certification Course Starts January 28, 2015   Cowan Coach Certification     Cowan International announces the start of our next Cowan Coach Certification group on January 28th. Cowan Coach Certification is designed for mining professionals who believe in the power of coaching as a way to transform human potential and develop talent as…

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Mining Jobs In Canada: Get On The Fast Track To Immigration

New Program Open For Applications From 4th May 2013 In response to the skills shortage, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has this week released details of its renewed Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) which will take effect from 4th May 2013. Due to the backlog in the previous program, thousands of applications were returned from…

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Skills and Training for Canada’s Mining Industry : BC Jobs Plan

As the Canadian mining industry continues to thrive, British Columbia is leading the way in the creation of Canadian mining jobs. The challenge, for now, is how to deal with the skills shortage facing the mining industry while implementing plans to expand the mining sector and attract investment to the region. Recent figures reveal a…

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Mining Exploration in Canada: Should Aboriginal Communities be Consulted?

The mining industry is booming in Canada. Recent reports reveal a record $12.5 billion investment in the sector for 2011, representing a 24.5% increase on the previous year.  The forecast for 2012 is expected to rise to nearly $16 billion. The effect on Canadian mining jobs will be significant particularly for  mining construction jobs with…

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