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A Coach Approach to Building Leadership Across Cultures

Coaching and Mentoring

Next Coach Certification Course Starts January 28, 2015   Cowan Coach Certification     Cowan International announces the start of our next Cowan Coach Certification group on January 28th. Cowan Coach Certification is designed for mining professionals who believe in the power of coaching as a way to transform human potential and develop talent as…

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Coachology : Cowan Coach Certification, South Africa

Coach Certification

Congratulations To An Amazing Group       Congratulations to an amazing group of coaches in training who just completed the first leg of their certification journey in Johannesburg, South Africa over the weekend of June 27, 2015!! We enjoyed a wonderful and enlightening weekend with colleagues from across Africa and the world. The weekend…

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Global Mining: World’s Top 10 Largest Gold Mines

Gold mining represents a significant part of the global mining industry.  It is mined in approximately 90 different countries around the world and it is estimated that around 250,000 mining professionals are directly employed in the sector. Despite reports of a recent slump in gold prices it remains one of the world’s most valuable and sought…

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Canadian Mining Sector: Salaries Predicted To Rise Up To 3.9% In 2013

  According to a recently published survey by CostMine, senior geologists in the US received salary increases of 10% during 2012.  The survey also revealed that geologists and mining engineers as a whole received pay rises of between 1.5-10% in the last year. Senior geologists in the US now earn over 20% more than they…

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How Mining, Energy & Resource Companies Effectively Manage Safety Abroad

The political upheaval across Mali and North Africa should serve as a reminder of how important it is to be informed and ask good questions of your recruiter when considering energy, resource & mining jobs in third world cultures.  While extreme cases are thankfully rare, all mining employers have a duty of care to their…

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Global Mining : Triton Logging Improves Global Environment With Unique Tree Harvesting Technology

Triton Logging, a valued client of Cowan International is dedicated to improving the global environment with its unique tree harvesting technology.  We spoke recently to Peter Keyes, CEO of Triton, to find out more. Q : Tell me more about your company, Triton Logging and the services you offer A : Triton was established 12…

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Mining Jobs : 7 Questions to Ask In An Interview

Interviews can be grueling enough, preparing answers for every possible question that you, as a candidate, might be asked in order to position your self to be on the receiving end of a job offer. One often overlooked aspect of the interview process when seeking a new mining job opportunity is preparing questions for your…

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Mining in Africa : A Focus on Guinea

According to recent projections provided by the World Bank sub-Saharan Africa is expected to play a major role in the expansion of the global mining industry during 2013, with forecast growth at 4.8% for the region. Guinea will play a key part in that growth during 2012 and beyond with a subsequent impact in the mining…

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Global Mining: Is the Boom Over?

The global mining industry is consistently reminded of the long-term impact of the skills shortage affecting the industry yet in the past few months a rising number of job cuts have been reported across the sector and recent forecasts for 2013 are somewhat pessimistic. Does this mean the mining boom is over? Australian Mining Job…

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Global Mining : Will Mankind Deplete The Earth’s Resources?

The potential adverse effects of the global mining industry on the Earth’s natural resources are well documented but how critical is the situation?  Is the Earth really in danger of depleting its resources? Last year The Guardian newspaper in the UK highlighted six of the world’s natural resources that are under pressure due to sheer…

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