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A Coach Approach to Building Leadership Across Cultures

Coaching and Mentoring

Next Coach Certification Course Starts January 28, 2015   Cowan Coach Certification     Cowan International announces the start of our next Cowan Coach Certification group on January 28th. Cowan Coach Certification is designed for mining professionals who believe in the power of coaching as a way to transform human potential and develop talent as…

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Africa : Rethinking The Role Of Expatriates In Mining

expatriate, mining

When a mining company transplants an expat into Africa in a management role is training, hiring, and succession planning part of the assignment? Advancing Skill Development and Competencies of Nationals   Making local talent development a high priority by attaching measurable objectives outcomes is arguably the most important role of an expatriate assigned to remote…

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Cowan Tips : Expats Keeping Fit On The Job


Contributed by: Lisa Parent, Cowan Client Services Specialist Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Being a mining engineer, or driller, or even a financial accountant for mining companies your career can lead you to all corners of the world in various types of living arrangements. Mine sites for example are typically found in…

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Global Mining Jobs : What Is The Future Of Coal?

Coal mining

Post contributed by Cowan’s Client Services Team Leader Elisa Edkin Proctor. Why are so-called ‘green countries” making a return to coal? Despite naysayers, coal is still the most abundant, efficient, easily mass produced and low cost energy generation fuel around today. At present nothing can compare.  Yes, there is always room for cleaner ways to…

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Global Mining Recruitment : 10 Tips To Ace A Video Job Interview

Mining recruitment has long relied on long-distance interviews.  Where these might have previously be conducted by telephone, they are increasingly being held via video, such as Skype. While video interviews are not a replacement for meeting candidates face-to-face, they are especially useful where global mining companies like Cowan International rely heavily on expat workers, particularly…

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A Career In Mining : 10 Reasons to Change Jobs

Most people will change jobs several times during the course of their career for a variety of reasons, much of them dependent on finding the right opportunity. For skilled mining professionals the situation is slightly different. We often hear about the skills shortage across the industry coupled with specific needs in certain disciplines, such as mining…

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Mining Industry Continues Global Expansion- Nordgold

Russia is one of the world’s largest mining nations and the influence of its mining industry is expanding rapidly overseas. Russian Mining Industry In Global Terms In February this year, the Australian Trade Commission estimated that Russia holds between 15-17% of the world’s total mineral deposits, most of which are located in Siberia and the…

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Global Mining Jobs : A Focus on Latin America

Latin America is one of the fastest growing regions in the world for the global mining industry. At the end of 2011, minerals advisory firm Behre Dolbear ranked three Latin American countries in their top five mining investment places (this was based on political risk). These were Chile,Brazil and Mexico. The study was ranked on…

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Jobs in Mining: Tips For Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

Social networking plays a significant role in today’s recruitment industry and it is no different for candidates exploring jobs in mining.   UK HR specialist Scott McArthur recently revealed the results of a survey of 300 employers on their social networking habits. Approximately 91% admitted to screening candidates through social networking pages and rejecting candidates…

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Overseas Mining Jobs : Advice for Skilled Workers in the Eurozone

We recently considered the attention skilled workers in the Eurozone are getting from countries like Canada. Canada and several other countries have put immigration initiatives in place to encourage employers to look to Europe’s troubled economy as an opportunity to attract talent as part of an overall solution to the skills shortage in the global…

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