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Coachology : Cowan Coach Certification, South Africa

Coach Certification

Congratulations To An Amazing Group       Congratulations to an amazing group of coaches in training who just completed the first leg of their certification journey in Johannesburg, South Africa over the weekend of June 27, 2015!! We enjoyed a wonderful and enlightening weekend with colleagues from across Africa and the world. The weekend…

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Africa : Rethinking The Role Of Expatriates In Mining

expatriate, mining

When a mining company transplants an expat into Africa in a management role is training, hiring, and succession planning part of the assignment? Advancing Skill Development and Competencies of Nationals   Making local talent development a high priority by attaching measurable objectives outcomes is arguably the most important role of an expatriate assigned to remote…

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Job Interviews : 8 Ways To Beat Out The Competition

Making an impression in an interview can be a nerve wracking challenge for some professionals. While there are skills shortages affecting skilled technicians like Drill Operators in Oil and Gas, you always want to approach an interview ready to impress. Follow these guidelines to blow your competition out of the water: 1. Research The Company…

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10 Tips to Get the Best From Your Mining Recruiter

Mining professionals looking for their next career move often aren’t sure where to start. Recruitment agencies are typically a first step, but working with a  mining recruitment agency might leave you feeling like you are lost in a sea of candidates. Follow these 10 tips to get the best out of your mining recruiter: Work…

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Mining Jobs : 10 Ways to Ace A Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews are a regular part of the recruitment process in the global mining industry. With high volumes of candidates often applying for each vacancy the telephone interview allows mining recruitment agencies and employers to assess a higher proportion of candidates before producing a final shortlist. In addition, with the increasing number of mining professionals…

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10 Ways to Get Your Mining Resume Noticed

How do you attract the attention of mining recruitment agencies and employers, who are often inundated with an overwhelming number of applicants for each vacancy? To ensure maximum impact of your mining resume when you apply for your next position, the following tips may help: The purpose of a mining resume – The purpose of…

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Global Mining Jobs : Mining Engineers and Geologists in Short Supply

The skills shortage in the mining industry continues to be a hot topic for discussion The dearth of qualified candidates is affecting all jobs in mining but certain areas seem particularly vulnerable to the lack of skilled workers. In March 2012, the Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal discussed the now acute shortage affecting the mining industry…

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Jobs in Mining : Tips for Job Interview Success

With the ubiquitous coverage of the skills shortage in global mining and regular debate over mining companies being in a global talent war, the issue for skilled workers at all levels isn’t necessarily finding the next career move, it’s making sure it’s the right one. Before you can consider a move, you need to first…

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Is Skills Development An Answer to Canada’s Mining Jobs Crisis?

A report from the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) earlier this year estimated that 100,000 additional skilled workers would be required to fill jobs in mining in Canada alone over the next decade. Furthermore, in their most recent annual report on mining trends, Deloitte highlighted the talent gap as one of the most fundamental obstacles…

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Mining & Construction Jobs in Canada Seek Immigrant Skilled Workers

As we have previously discussed, the global mining industry is facing a series of challenges, one of the most significant being the skills shortage. Investor and owner of Northern Venture Group Richard (Rick) Mills recently highlighted the following as the source of the crisis in mining: Imminent retirement of ‘baby boomers’ Skills supply gap of the 1980s and 1990s…

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