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A Coach Approach to Building Leadership Across Cultures

Coaching and Mentoring

Next Coach Certification Course Starts January 28, 2015   Cowan Coach Certification     Cowan International announces the start of our next Cowan Coach Certification group on January 28th. Cowan Coach Certification is designed for mining professionals who believe in the power of coaching as a way to transform human potential and develop talent as…

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Africa : Rethinking The Role Of Expatriates In Mining

expatriate, mining

When a mining company transplants an expat into Africa in a management role is training, hiring, and succession planning part of the assignment? Advancing Skill Development and Competencies of Nationals   Making local talent development a high priority by attaching measurable objectives outcomes is arguably the most important role of an expatriate assigned to remote…

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Mining Professionals: 7 Ideas For a One-Day Layover in Olympic London

Due to the global nature of the mining industry many professionals can find themselves spending extensive time traveling at some point during their career. Mining construction jobs often involve brief layovers in various cities around the world. If you find yourself in London during the Olympic Games, here are some ideas to make the best of your…

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A Career In Mining : 10 Reasons to Change Jobs

Most people will change jobs several times during the course of their career for a variety of reasons, much of them dependent on finding the right opportunity. For skilled mining professionals the situation is slightly different. We often hear about the skills shortage across the industry coupled with specific needs in certain disciplines, such as mining…

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Global Mining Job Market Encourages Professionals to Explore Options

The reduction of barriers to foreign investment has steered the growing expansion of mining companies to many places around the world impacting the globalization of mining careers. But one of the major challenges mining companies have to face is hiring the right people to make international expansion succeed and it stands to reason that people…

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How to Attract Global Mining Recruiters With Your Online Profile

Recruiters specializing in global mining recruitment are quick to turn to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other useful social networks to find top talent for overseas mining projects and to be more visible to mining professionals seeking mining opportunities. Attracting recruiters to your profile when you are searching for your next job opportunity in mining can give…

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What Recruiters and Hiring Managers look for in a Mine Manager

  The development and production phases of a mine operation require not only technical and operational mining expertise but also softer skills to build credibility and important professional relationships. Soft skills are key to success as a Mine Manager Experienced mining professionals such as mining engineers and geological engineers including mining safety engineers are likely…

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Exploring the Potential for Fully Automated Mines

While the mining industry continues to face many competitive challenges including a global shortage of a qualified talent pool, industrial technology is ever evolving, looking for ways to consolidate operations, enhance performance, and cut operational costs. With the introduction of fully automated equipment designed to help mining companies advance overall mine performance, enhance safety and…

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Mining Dominates Top 10 Highest Paid Bachelor Degrees for 2011

Engineers are in high demand as the mining and resources industry booms.  With more jobs than there are candidates, mining professionals and graduates can expect to be well compensated. Graduates are in high demand with companies waiting to train, pay and export them across the globe with little to no experience. As seen in Australia,…

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15 Mining Resume Pitfalls to Avoid

As an international mining recruitment agency, Cowan recruiters look at hundreds of resumes on a weekly basis, from all backgrounds, experience and career levels.  Trying to make sense of miscellaneous information and formatting is one of the greatest challenges recruiters face when screening resumes. The best advice Cowan recruiters can give mining professionals comes down…

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