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Cowan Coach Certification | Next Montreal Session Starts November 2016

Employee onboarding

Cowan Coach Certification       Cowan Coach will start the next Coach Certification group November 10. Cowan’s Coach Certification is designed for professionals who believe in the power of coaching to develop human potential as part of a sustainable succession plan.  The program was developed in collaboration with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). A…

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Jobs Seekers: Is Big Data The Reason You Didn’t Get That Job?

Big Data

Human resources is the nucleus of a company, and data-driven decision making is the new messiah. No one can afford a bad hire. Every decision in a company from purchasing office supplies to signing off on a merger is made by an employee. People are the building blocks of all organizations and big data is…

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Goleman’s 6 Leadership Styles : What kind of leader Are You?

Leadership: The Foundation for Organizational Success Often, good management is confused with strong leadership. Leadership is considered pertinent to the success and outcome of any given project or mandate. Without leadership, organizational goals are jeopardized. Cowan works with organizations to attract, develop and retain top leadership talent. So, what is the difference between a manager and…

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Cowan on the Ground in Africa- Mine site visits

BY FRANK PRINCIPE Going to the expense and trouble of knowing our client needs has been one of Cowan’s greatest differentiators for at least 15 years. Being up close and personal with the client puts Cowan in a position to give first hand accounts of the client site to prospective candidates. I took the time…

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