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Coachology : Cowan Coach Certification, South Africa

Coach Certification

Congratulations To An Amazing Group       Congratulations to an amazing group of coaches in training who just completed the first leg of their certification journey in Johannesburg, South Africa over the weekend of June 27, 2015!! We enjoyed a wonderful and enlightening weekend with colleagues from across Africa and the world. The weekend…

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Coachology : Employee Onboarding For Engagement and Retention

Employee onboarding

As a CEO you painstakingly plan attracting, recruiting and hiring of new employees. You assign a budget to an internal recruitment team or third party service provider to conduct the search and selection process. HR works with department heads to assess needs and write job descriptions. Time and resources allocated to the hiring process quickly…

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Africa : Rethinking The Role Of Expatriates In Mining

expatriate, mining

When a mining company transplants an expat into Africa in a management role is training, hiring, and succession planning part of the assignment? Advancing Skill Development and Competencies of Nationals   Making local talent development a high priority by attaching measurable objectives outcomes is arguably the most important role of an expatriate assigned to remote…

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70 Is The New 50: Succession Planning And The Massive Talent Gap

Talent Management

Global Mining Companies Have A Dilemma: Address The Skills Gap Or Face Huge Losses The global mining industry is currently experiencing a “massive talent gap” and it will only get worse unless companies make s a visible shift toward organizational succession planning and talent management.  The global mining industry is experiencing the biggest wave of…

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5 Secrets to Attracting and Retaining Top Performers in 2014

Technology continues to make the world a smaller place which means HR leaders and talent acquisition professionals will need to adapt and innovate to attract top talent in 2014. Employee Value Proposition (EVP) will matter more than ever. Attracting talent to your organization is not the biggest hurdle HR will face- keeping your employees interested…

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Talent Management : How Much Are Vacant Positions Costing You?

Talent management is the single hardest task in organizational life. If you are responsible for recruitment, performance management, or retention you should know the answers to some key questions: What are your talent needs? What is a vacant position costing? What is an underused worker costing you? Where do your best employees come from? What…

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