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A Coach Approach to Building Leadership Across Cultures

Coaching and Mentoring

Next Coach Certification Course Starts January 28, 2015   Cowan Coach Certification     Cowan International announces the start of our next Cowan Coach Certification group on January 28th. Cowan Coach Certification is designed for mining professionals who believe in the power of coaching as a way to transform human potential and develop talent as…

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Africa : Rethinking The Role Of Expatriates In Mining

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When a mining company transplants an expat into Africa in a management role is training, hiring, and succession planning part of the assignment? Advancing Skill Development and Competencies of Nationals   Making local talent development a high priority by attaching measurable objectives outcomes is arguably the most important role of an expatriate assigned to remote…

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Growth in Mining Jobs Affects Canada’s East-West Divide

Canada is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition for skilled workers affected by the crisis in areas like the Eurozone who are exploring overseas mining opportunities. Three of Canada’s Cities Hit Top Five in World’s Most Liveable List It may therefore come as no surprise to those who live and work in Canada to know that…

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Overseas Mining Jobs : Advice for Skilled Workers in the Eurozone

We recently considered the attention skilled workers in the Eurozone are getting from countries like Canada. Canada and several other countries have put immigration initiatives in place to encourage employers to look to Europe’s troubled economy as an opportunity to attract talent as part of an overall solution to the skills shortage in the global…

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The Eurozone Crisis-Attracting Migrant Workers To Global Mining Jobs

As the global mining industry expands employers are seeking new and innovative ways to fill their mining vacancies. While one suggested solution is the education of indigenous workers, global mining recruiters and companies alike are looking further afield to a potential solution on the not-too-distant horizon – Europe. The Eurozone Crisis The Eurozone is in crisis….

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Mining Family Matters features Q & A with Cowan Recruiter Michelle Walsh on Working Overseas

Interview featuring Q & A wtih Michelle Walsh posted on the Mining Family Matters site last week. You’ve been in the mining industry for a few years and think it might be time to spread your wings and gain some overseas experience. What to do next? Well, Cowan International is a Canadian-based firm that’s been…

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